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Our Services

1. Mutual Fund Investments

2. Goal based investment planning

Mutual Fund Investments

We go through the list of investments that you already have and suggest the correct mutual fund for you to invest in. We will not only suggest the name of the fund, but will justify our selection. We will educate you on the risks involved in investing in the fund. We do not charge you any fees for this, but we expect you to invest in the suggested fund through us as brokers.

We are paid by the fund houses. The brokerage is different from fund to fund and is partly determined by the circulars of SEBI. Presently, most fund houses pay us 0.8% – 1% as brokerage – that also after one year of your investment. 

In a way, it is in our interest that your investment grows and also remains invested, rather than shifting it from fund to fund.

Goal based Investment

This form of Investment planning is very different and rather intense. You need to note down all your investments and your liabilities – an exercise that is far from simple and very time consuming, but extremely important to do.

Once that is done, you have to write down your goals and how many years are left for those goals to be achieved. 

Then we will discuss and jointly allocate money towards each goal and decide where the money will be invested.

We will set up a plan and the client can set up the investments under our guidance.

Our charges: Rs.30,000, one time charge and Rs.5,000 for a review of the investments – generally once or twice in a year. In this case, we do not get any brokerage from anywhere else.

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