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About Us

Financially Stupid Niranjan

I am Niranjan Bangera, father of two children and husband of a motivating wife. I am a marine engineer, software developer, mutual fund distributor, real estate agent and a personal finance enthusiast. I educate people on investments and guide them to a better and financially independent future.

Our Story

About what we do and how we got here

The name comes from the fact that I was totally ‘FinanciallyStupid’ and got taken for a ride by every scam that one can think about. That is basically my reason for starting this website. Now, after years of learning, I am a little less ‘FinanciallyStupid’! N4 Investments owns and the Bangera family owns N4 Investments. Years back, whenever I used to guide my friends, shipmates and relatives in investment matters, I was not a registered Mutual Fund distributor. They had to go to someone else to actually make the investment. Invariably, it would be the bank and they would end up getting sold an ULIP or some such inappropriate investment. Since then, I’ve got myself registered as a Mutual Fund distributor and have taken upon myself to spread financial literacy.

The investment philosophy is guided by the ‘Coffee Can Portfolio’ and the ‘Aspriational Investor’. I strongly believe that investments should be for the long term. Do not indulge in day trading and short term investments. I am not saying that those investments are wrong, only that they don’t fit into the philosophy of long term investing and safety. I also believe that one should learn about where one is investing and the dangers associated with it – after all, one works very hard for their money and should be able to decide what risks to take. It is also necessary to learn how to make your money work for you. ‘Automatic’ investing is one of the best methods for building long term wealth. I feel rather happy when I get calls from people who have read my articles and say that they being sold ULIPs at the age of 60 but managed to avoid it! 

Our Company Mission & Client Vision



To educate people on the basics of investment available to them and to hand hold them in times of panic in the market. 


To prevent miss-selling of investment products by educating the investor.


Be scrupulously honest about the suggested investment. Never let our commissions be a factor in suggesting an appropriate investment.

Website details and influencers



The entire website was designed and set up by me with constant help and advice from my family. Webdudes support me – they teach ‘website designing’ for free and then support you for a reasonable fee. They can be contacted at 


Three main influencers:

1. Coffee Cup Investing

2. The Aspiring Investor

3. The podcast, StackingBenjamins. It is really worth a listen.

Mutual Funds Investment

Mutual funds

Mutual Funds are the best way to invest if you are someone who does not understand the intricacies of the stock market or do not have the time to understand it. They give a choice of either investing in debt which is relatively safe or the most volatile combination of shares depending on your choice and your financial status.

Mutual Funds Investment

Goal based planning

Investment planning should be done for a specific goal. Say, you want to save for a child's education and the money will be needed in 3 year's time. The money should be invested in a Fixed Deposit with a bank. It is necessary to decide the goal and then look for an appropriate investment. 

Mutual Funds Investment

Retirement planning

Retirement planning should ideally start from the first wage packet. In any case, starting early and giving enough time to get to a reasonable total, it is possible to go for investments with higher returns and eventually build up a good retirement kitty to enjoy the golden years.

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