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by | Aug 5, 2020 | Webinars

We have several Webinars, on everyday matters, which will definitely add value to your life and to your financial knowledge and save you quite a bit of hassle. These are all paid webinars costing Rs.500 per webinar. Once you register, we will send you the link to make the payment and a link for the webinar.

Here is a list and the way to register for them:


The Power of Compounding

We learn about Compound Interest in school. After we solve some problems and answer the question in the exam, we totally forget all about and never give it a thought again.

If you give it a serious thought and make Compounding a part of your investment process, it can be a very powerful force and can change your perspective towards investment.

The Power of Compounding can be used in everyday life for various purposes – one of the most common being a very effective way to lose weight and to keep it off!

In the Webinar, we will again talk about what exactly is Compounding and how to use it effectively.

Click on the link to register and we will get back to you when we have the next webinar:

‘Power of Compounding’ Webinar Registration


Wills and Nominations

We generally and very sadly associate a ‘Will’ with death. Whenever I ask someone to make a Will, the reply is ‘I have several more years to live. What’s the hurry?’. Even if I do convince someone to make a will, there are several excuses after that.

I will need a lawyer to make the Will.

I will have to go to the Registrar’s office to register it.

How to appoint an ‘Executor’?

How can I trust the ‘Executor’ will do the right thing after me?

Doesn’t the Nominee automatically become the owner?

All these and several other misconceptions are cleared in this webinar.  

‘Wills and Nominations’ Webinar Registration


Sale of NRI Property

If you are a NRI and have property in India, this webinar is a must for you. Whenever you sell the property, the government mandates that the buyer should deduct almost 24% of the sale value and pay it to the IT department as TDS – this is irrespective if the flat is being sold for a loss! 

There is a way to reduce this TDS, but the process is cumbersome and time consuming, which always makes the buyer a bit wary. We will discuss the process and the documentation required and the measures to be taken to reduce this delay.

NRI Property Sale Webinar Registration



  1. Swati Jena

    Attended the webinar on The Power of Compounding; very insightful!

    • niranjan

      Thanks Swati.


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