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Does your Mediclaim policy have a nominee?

by | Jul 31, 2020 | Basics, Finance, Insurance

Being a finance guy, I had taken care of my mother’s financial matters and amongst other things, made sure that every account had a nomination.

All financial papers were looked into and kept safe.

That Illusion got shattered!

My mother was admitted to Kokilaben Dhirubhai hospital on the 6th of March. She had a Mediclaim policy from StarHealth Insurance for many years.

Now, the hospital was a ‘network’ hospital for the insurance, so one would assume that things would go smoothly.

The way the ‘cashless’ insurance and the hospital works, I could not get approval from StarHealth in time, so I had to pay 1,20,000 as deposit, which I put on one of my credit cards, hoping the insurance company would pay me back.

The start of the Ordeal

My mother, unfortunately, expired on the 8th of March. Now started the ordeal.

The total bill came to around 1,09,000. The hospital told me that I needed to wait 4 hours to get a clearance from the Insurance! This was after all medical reports were completed and the final billing was done – which in itself took a couple of hours.

They told me that I could take her immediately if I agreed to pay the bill and then applied to the Insurance to reimburse the amount. I thought it was a good idea and did that.

After all the rituals were over, I applied to Star Health for reimbursement with all documentation and receipts.

The Wait and the Surprising response

No news for three months. I understand it must have been due to Covid restrictions, etc.

After that I started sending out emails and calling and after several follow ups, I got an email that I need to furnish a ‘Succession’ certificate because there was no nominee mentioned in the policy!!

That was a shock to me. I did not know that there was even a ‘nominee’ section in the policy. I went through the policy again and there it was – blank!

I had bought this policy through a broker who was also a friend and he never missed a chance to tell me that he was very well connected with StarHealth, etc, etc. I turned to him for help and all my requests were met with stony silence!

I was told that the Succession Certificate would cost around 80,000 to 1 lac and would take a few months. I asked StarHealth for the amount that I would be getting. The reply was that they would only start processing once they got the Certificate. I suppose they were sure that I would not pursue the claim so why process it in the first place!!

The Solution and a Call to Action

With no help from my agent, I appealed to my readers on various groups. One lady responded – the good old Indian solution. ‘Give me Rs.5000 and I’ll get your claim passed’. Some time back, I got around Rs.68,000 from the Insurance. Though it was much less than what I was expecting, the 5000 was worth it.

Take out your Mediclaim policies and check if a nominee is mentioned on it and if not, start the process right now. Do not rely on your friendly agent to look into such matters.

Take care and be safe. 

Niranjan Bangera




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  1. Auldius P. B. Pais

    My medicalim policy has my wife & daughter also included in the policy. Do I still need have a nominee/

    • niranjan

      Auldius, You, your wife and your daughter are covered under the policy. However, it still does not tell the company whom the money should be given to if, unfortunately, you pass away in hospital. They will ask for a succession certificate. You definitely have to register a nominee.

  2. Gaurav Dave

    Very nice and to the apt


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