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Market Risks and Mutual Funds – 2

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Finance, Mutual Funds, Risk

In my view, if you have money, there is a risk wherever you keep it.


Where can you keep your money?

Under your mattress – there is a risk of theft or not earning any return on that money. Inflation will eat into the value of the money.

In the Post Office – inflation will reduce the value of your money.

Bank FDs will rarely give inflation beating returns. There is also the risk of the bank failing.

Stocks, Mutual Funds – The recent market crash and a general lack of panic shows that people have realized markets go down and up. At around 10,500 now, the Nifty has gone up by almost 38% from its low of 7600 in March! So, what is the risk of investing in the stock markets? The risk is that if you need the money when the market is down, you would be forced to sell at a huge loss. You should plan to avoid such a situation.

Real Estate – It is almost guaranteed that you cannot sell off a property when you need money desperately!

No investment is bad or good – each meets a certain requirement of the investor. One should think carefully on the pros and cons of each investment before going ahead and should make plans to take care of the possible negatives.

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Unavoidable risk

There is one risk that no one can avoid. It is a ‘loss of consumer confidence’. As soon as there is a news item saying XYZ bank is come under RBI scrutiny, a long queue forms outside its branches – making sure that the bank collapses! No institution can have enough money to repay its investors immediately. One should also plan for such a scenario by spreading the money amongst more than one bank. After all, Rs.5 lacs is insured in each bank.

Warnings or education?

Well, shouldn’t the warning be ‘All investments carry risks’? The emphasis should be on educating the general public about the risk, rather than just put a warning label!

Take care and be safe.

Niranjan Bangera



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Mutual Funds Investment

Mutual funds

Mutual Funds are the best way to invest if you are someone who does not understand the intricacies of the stock market or do not have the time to understand it. You can invest in debt which is relatively safe or in the most volatile combination of shares . 

Mutual Funds Investment

Goal based planning

Investment planning should be done for a specific goal. Say, you want to save for a child's education in 3 year's time. The money should be invested in a Fixed Deposit with. It is necessary to decide the goal and then look for an appropriate investment. 

Mutual Funds Investment

Retirement planning

Retirement planning should ideally start from the first wage packet. Starting early and giving enough time to get to a reasonable total, makes it possible to go for investments with higher returns and eventually build up a good retirement kitty to enjoy the golden years.


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