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Markets risks and Mutual Funds

by | Jun 27, 2020 | Finance, Mutual Funds, Risk

Whenever you see an advertisement about Mutual Funds, there is a prominent disclaimer. “All mutual fund investments are subject to market risks”.

Other than cigarette and alcohol ads in addition to the MF ads, no other advertisements carry any warnings. So, in a way, the investors, subconsciously associate Mutual Fund investments to be as dangerous to health as cigarette smoking!!

How to figure out risks of an Equity Mutual Fund – >

What are “Market Risks’?

Well, coming back to that warning, if you ask anyone what is actually meant by ‘market risks’, I’m sure almost nobody would have a clue!

In the recent market crash, most people’s investments lost around 40%! But there were no protests on the streets. No queues outside any offices asking for their money back.

This is in direct contrast to the debacles of Yes bank, PMC bank, etc where people lost a lot of money. There were protests and people even died! Why?

Characteristics of an investment

People investing in Mutual Funds or things related to the stock market seem to know that once in a while there will be these downturns and it is nobody’s fault but part of the investment characteristic. In contrast, when they put their money into banks, they expect the safety of the money and they expect the regulators to do their jobs and protect their money. In short, people have realized that money could be lost due to market fluctuations, but it is really worrying to lose money in places that are considered safe, due to corrupt management and inept regulators!!

Yet – “Mutual Funds are subject to market risks!”

So, what are the risks?

Next time.

Take care and be safe.


Niranjan Bangera


If you think the Indian Regulators are useless, spare a thought for the German regulators. A company call ‘Wirecard’ (Google it) seems to have misplaced 1.9 Billion dollars!! That is around 15,000 Crores (INR)! It was supposed to be in some banks in the Phillipines, but the banks reported that there were no accounts with them. The regulators are ‘looking into the matter’. The company’s share price fell from 104.50 Euros to 1.28 Euros in a matter of 9 days.


Mutual Funds Investment

Mutual funds

Mutual Funds are the best way to invest if you are someone who does not understand the intricacies of the stock market or do not have the time to understand it. You can invest in debt which is relatively safe or in the most volatile combination of shares . 

Mutual Funds Investment

Goal based planning

Investment planning should be done for a specific goal. Say, you want to save for a child's education in 3 year's time. The money should be invested in a Fixed Deposit with. It is necessary to decide the goal and then look for an appropriate investment. 

Mutual Funds Investment

Retirement planning

Retirement planning should ideally start from the first wage packet. Starting early and giving enough time to get to a reasonable total, makes it possible to go for investments with higher returns and eventually build up a good retirement kitty to enjoy the golden years.


  1. M.P.Rao

    Well written, well prepared also presented excellently. It is a pleasure to drop in and read all of your researched materials and digest the salient postings and features. At a time like this, it is a great sight for the sore eyes. Keep it up. M.P.

    • niranjan

      Thank you, Sir.


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