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Tips from a Real Estate Agents’ Conference

by | Jun 22, 2019 | Experiences, Real Estate

I attended a Real Estate Conference on the 18th and there were a variety of speakers. It was a great experience.

There were a number of dignitaries giving their views. Mr.Niranjan Hiranandani, who told the audience that there were a lot of changes coming in the near future. Amongst them was the National Housing Policy and some more laws to tackle black money.

Surprisingly, it seems, the sales of Real Estate by value was much higher in the year gone by than in the previous year!!

Though there were a lot of points for us to take up and improve, there were a lot of points that made me feel that we were doing something right.

One of the speakers said that many years back, he had conducted a ‘workshop’ for a group of brokers and after that, one of the brokers called him over to his office. There he showed him a number of cheques that his clients had sent him from all over the world without even checking out the project. He said that that was the sort of trust one had to develop with the clients if one had to survive in this field.

I realized that most of our clients were in that category. Investments in all the projects that we promoted were before the land was even acquired by the developer and quite a lot of our investors are not known to us – they had sent cheques to us on someone’s reference. Quite a few times, we have made the booking and eventually sold the flat and deposited the money in their account, without ever meeting the client! Sitting there, I definitely felt elated for the trust shown to us by our investors.

One of the speakers made the point that one should have pride in one’s profession. Both, my partner and I are professionals from the shipping field and know what it means to have a professional approach. We both take great pride in the fact that we are realtors. We approach the profession with the same approach we did when we were in shipping.

Another one of the speakers said that everyone should donate, even if a small amount. We’ve been doing that for years now. We support two schools and donate regularly.

There was a talk by Swami Sukhabodhanandaji. I think he spoke for nearly two hours and kept the audience engaged. There were far too many takeaways from his speech. Would highly recommend watching his videos and imbibe the words of wisdom. They can be found here
Swami Sukhabodhanandji speeches

Last, but not the least, someone said that it is essential to show gratitude. Though we are perpetually grateful not only to those who have transacted through us, we are very grateful to those who go out of their way to recommend us and to connect us to clients, taking nothing in return. Maybe, we are guilty of not saying ‘Thank you’ enough times. Well, here’s a big ‘Thank you’ to all of you. Even to those who have not transacted with us –  they do spend precious time reading our posts.

Niranjan Bangera
36 Properties Pvt Ltd


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