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by | Jan 19, 2019 | Experiences

I know this is an odd topic for me to write on – since I generally write on financial matters. But here goes.
I am a Diabetic – have been for quite a few years. Not an ordinary one. I am one of those who are convinced that the blood sugar levels are just a number which the doctor uses to scare the daylights out of you! I am also convinced that most doctors are unscrupulous businessmen who scare you into various tests and treatments so they can pay off their next EMI!

So, I hardly go to any doctor and self test my sugar levels – once or twice a week in the morning. I had decided that I will beat this sickness with exercise – so walk for around 6 kms 4 – 5 times a week, do some dumbbells sometimes, some yoga sometimes.

I also take a tablet twice a day.

Someone told me that I should reduce my weight – I always thought that 76 kgs was perfect for me. I tried to reduce my weight by eating less – difficult. The weighing scale stubbornly varied between 75 and 75.5.

Regarding food – I put myself on a ‘C – food’ diet – whenever I see food, I eat. It would be normal to eat an apple when I pass the kitchen, then come back for a handful of peanuts and then some almonds on the next pass.
So, for most of 2018, the blood sugar levels were between 250 and 300 and my weight was around 75.5
Until someone sent me a link. It was an Youtube video of one Dr.Jagannath Dixit. He is with Latur Medical College and has been appointed by the Maharashtra Govt. to improve people’s health as the govt. feels that obesity and Diabetes are out of control.

There are several videos of this gentleman, of durations between 1 to 2 hours.

At the outset he says that he does not practice – so no appointments, no consultations, no fees and no magic potions for weight loss. He speaks on ‘Effortless weight loss’.

It is a revelation to listen to this gentleman. The video is in Marathi, but he has books in English available on Amazon for less than Rs.200.

His funda is quite simple. Some points:
• The max body weight should be your height in cms minus 100. Mine was 67 kgs.
• As per our old texts, we should be eating only twice a day, so choose two times in a day when you feel hungry the most and eat at those times.
• Every time you eat, you should not eat for more than 55 mins. If you like to have a drink with your food, then have it within that time limit.
• The most important take away from that video for me was the answer to the question “Why do we eat food?” Do we eat because we are hungry? Almost all the time, we eat because food is available! He goes on to remark to his audience that all of them had come for a lecture on weight loss, but if he had a tray of samosas passed around, most of them would have had one and some would have taken two because “it is free!”
• He says that it is not important how much food you eat, but how many times you eat. He has explained the process of what happens in our bodies when we eat. It is rather convincing and scary too.
• In between the two meals, he says, “Eat nothing”. At the most, eat tomatoes, cucumber and drink green tea, coconut water or thin chaas.
• Whilst eating, he recommends to avoid sugar, reduce carbohydrates and increase proteins.
• In addition to the above, he recommends walking for 4.5 kms per day in 45 mins.
• He clearly states that Diabetics should do some tests and contact them before embarking on this program. He gives some numbers of whatsapp groups.

As usual, I disregarded his warning and decided to start up immediately. The first few days were killing. Could not tolerate the hunger – ate half a kg of tomatoes!

Then I started noticing things change and I could totally ignore the hunger. The urge to eat every few minutes went away. When someone now puts a plate of samosas in front of me, I’ve developed the will power to refuse.

Today is the 30th day of my experiment with the program and my weight is down from 75.5 to 73.1 and the blood sugar level has gone down from around 280 to 160!! The best end result – my belt notch has gone one up!

I feel rather fit and after an hour of walking, can go and do some weightlifting or suryanamaskars without feeling totally tired.

Here is the link to the video.

Do contact me if you need to clarify things – though I don’t know much other than the fact that the diet worked for me.

No side effects (other than hunger) at all! People say that after sometime practicing this regime, some of them get bad attacks of acidity. I’ve had no problem till now, touch wood.

Hoping this will benefit some of you

Niranjan Bangera


  1. Shailaja

    I have seen you trying to deal with your diabetes for the past few years.
    But from the time you have started consciously following this diet and regime of walking, there is a huge change in you.
    I am very glad, not only with the effect the diet has on your diabetes but on you overall.

  2. RAMANATHAN Shankar

    Hi Niranjan,

    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting. I’m type 2 diabetic as well. In the last 3 months I have managed to lose 7 kgs by changing my diet. I was 71. I’m now 67. ( I like this Doctor’s formula that weight should be weight in CMS minus 100). I now have No sugar, low carbs ( no bread, no roti, no rice), no chips or packaged foods, high protein, moderate good fat, regular yoga and aerobic exercise. My blood glucose levels have also plummeted.

    A good side effect has been that I don’t feel hunger pangs and I can stay long periods between meals without having the urge to eat.

  3. Auldius Pais

    Hi Niranjan, eating apples, almonds & peanuts between meals, as they provide minerals & fiber. But only if you are feeling hungry and not because they are readily available. Along with yoga also try (deep) breathing exercises. (Anuloma)

    • niranjan

      Hi Auldius, I am not eating anything between meals except for a couple of tomatoes and cucumbers. Do yoga and pranayama. Today the weight is 72.4kgs – a drastic drop from 75.5 40 days ago!!



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