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Real Estate Regulatory Act – RERA

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Finance, Real Estate

Now that RERA has kicked in and all ongoing projects are supposed to be fully RERA compliant, I wanted to point out a few points on the importance of the website to anyone who has invested or wants to invest in a flat. This is mainly for people who have booked properties in Maharashtra. I don’t know the state of RERA implementation in other states.

First, RERA kicks in after the project has got all permissions and has been registered under RERA, which means it is an ‘on going’ project and will have a RERA registration number.

Quite a few builders are advertising their projects are ‘RERA Certified’. It sort of gives an impression that some RERA inspector has inspected the project and certified that the project is damn good and all is hunky dory. That is far from the truth. The builders themselves have uploaded the papers and the RERA authorities only check that the papers as required by them are uploaded before registering the project. The authencity of the papers and the project itself is not checked – RERA expects the buyers to keep an eye on the project and bring any discrepancies to their attention.

So, now for the website. Go to

Click on ‘English’ on the top right corner.

If you want to check out a particular project, click on Registration / Registered Project.

On the next page, click on Registered Projects. The easiest search is if one knows the RERA registration number.

If not, use the advanced search. It can be a bit confusing. Mumbai and Navi Mumbai comes under Konkan division, Navi Mumbai comes under Raigarh District. It is a bit irritating, but stick in there.

Once you locate the project, click on the ‘view’ link and Alladin’s cave opens up.

Go through it slowly and carefully. You will realise that the owner is someone else – you were given to understand a particular person is the owner, but it is someone else whose name is declared. Nothing wrong with this, but at last, you know who is the owner for sure!

You will come to know the amenities – check them with the brochure that you have and also the agreement made with you. If it says 50% work has been completed, do go to the site and check it out.

Scroll lower and two interesting things come up. There is a list of flats and more importantly, the no. of flats that are sold. Usually, a builder will tell you – “Kal hi 4 flat becha, 5400 mein”. However, if you look carefully, you will see that of the total no. of flats, say, 200 of them and the project being 2 years old, he has sold only say 20 of them. That means he is really not selling and if you are a buyer, can negotiate a lot.

The second information is the carpet area. It is given in, which is a bit inconvenient as all the transactions are in sq.ft. Just multiply the figure by 10.77 and you will be surprised. For years, if say a client booked a flat of 1000 sq.ft, we would tell him that the carpet area he would get would be around 500 – 520 sq.ft, but the builder would tell him “mera loading 34% minus hai” Instead of asking him to explain, quite a few guys would come to us and fight – saying that we are selling flats with very high loading! Now, you can actually see for yourself!

Scrolling down further, make it a point to check under ‘Litigation details’. If there are any litigation against the project, be prepared for a wait.


RERA is for our protection. Take advantage of it.

PS: We have decided to attach a list of some of our flats that we are looking to sell. Click here to look at the list.

Niranjan Bangera

36 Properties Pvt Ltd

MahaRera registration no: A51700001354


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