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Mediclaim Cheats

by | Dec 26, 2016 | Experiences

I normally do not forward other’s emails, but this is most distressing. Mr.Bardhan is my senior in college and a close friend. Nobody should have to go through what he has.

Intend to write about Mediclaim and my experiences with it in the near future.

Here goes:


Dear Ex-Cadets,

I kept wondering all these days if I should put up a matter of personal trauma on a platform as big as this but many ex-cadets advised me to put this up so that in future, they, their relatives and friends do not have to suffer the way my family and I did.

Fortunately for me, my Company has taken up the responsibility of paying all charges and I do not need any money from the Insurance Company but I would like them to be exposed.

I give below what I have posted on Facebook :


Dear Friends,

I would like to caution all of you regarding your medical insurance. Please do not, I repeat do not, buy your medical insurance from L & T(L&T General Insurance) and HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited as they are in the market to cheat people.

I was admitted to hospital on 1st Oct 2016 and the hospital in Pune sent the forms to L&T Insurance for approval of cashless payment. Their response on 4th Oct was immediate rejection as they said I had not completed 2 years since buying the premium and they gave a list of ailments which were a part of their EXCLUSION. I fell under none of those ailments as I was admitted with severe pain on my rib cage area which was later diagnosed as Multiple Myloema (Blood Cancer) . Since I was not well I did not pursue the matter and my hospital bill was settled by my other Insurance provider (National Insurance) without any questions being asked.
I was advised Chemotherapy and I applied again to L&T for approval to pay – their rejection dated 7th November said that Hospitalization was not justified for my chemotherapy!!! My Oncologist and other Doctors in the Hospital were astounded to hear this from an Insurance Company. On threatening to expose them they reverted on 24th November by email saying that the claim was payable. This email was sent by HDFC General Insurance. On 26th November I received an SMS from L&T saying that my claim was untenable!!! Clearly a case of their right hand not knowing what their left hand was doing!!!!!
Please share this with all your friends so that no one buys any insurance from these two companies. They will turn you into beggars if, God forbid, you suffer some ailment.
They have been calling me every second day requesting not to go public as ‘someone’ senior would speak to me…..well that has not happened and its time they stand exposed.




Enough said!


Niranjan Bangera

36 Properties Pvt Ltd




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