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A Himalayan Trek – Part I

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Experiences

If you want a child to do something, just say, “You are not supposed to do that”. However, if you want a man (especially an old man) to do something, just say, “You cannot do it”

We are a group of friends who meet at a Dhaba every 3 months or so, to have a few drinks and eat some good tasty, oily stuff.

A few months ago, during such a meet, we were discussing with one of us who had been posted at Haridwar and suddenly someone came up with the idea of a trek to Uttarakhand. Since we already had a couple of pegs in us, there was a chorus of “Great idea! Let’s do it”. Through the fog enveloping me, some points jumped up:

  • One of the enthusiastic voices was mine.
  • I had never gone on a trek anytime in the 56 years of my life.
  • I had torn a cartilage in my right knee about 6 months back and well, trek?

Anyway, could not back out. So, silently prayed that the idea would die a natural death once we all had a good night’s sleep.

However, some things have a way of, well, not dying. There are always guys who will just not let sleeping dogs lie. So, some of the guys in the group started up the ardent pursuit of this trek. Flight tickets were booked. A long list of things – woolens, shoes, gloves, monkey cap, medicines, etc, etc was sent on Whatsapp. Someone suggested to go visit a shop called ‘Decathlon’ – normally, I keep away from shops with such names, but I did go there and spent a bomb.

The D-day (7th Aug) was getting nearer and there were stories of heavy rains, cloudbursts and landslides at Uttarakhand. Things got a bit tense, the families were worried, but we were going ahead!!

On the 7th, 6 of us flew down to Dehra Dun and the seventh joined us there.

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