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by | Mar 27, 2015 | Basics, Finance

One of the most effective financial habits to build long term wealth is to have a budget every month. In fact, it is also the most effective habit for marital peace – when both the husband and the wife are involved in the budgeting. Normally, the husband is viewed as the one who is earner and the wife as the spender. Not so. It is much better when both are involved in deciding how every rupee will be spent. The budget should be made together, before the start of the month, every month.

There are various tools and apps available in the market – most of them free or at a nominal cost to help you with this budgeting exercise.

Yesterday, I came across one, which is very simple to use and at a price that is irresistible – free! To use it go to and create a free account for yourself.

Using it is rather simple and intuitive. The only irritant is that it recognizes only USD, so there is a $ sign instead of a Rupee and to sign up you need to specify a state in the US and a Pin Code – both of which you can find from the net!

Happy budgeting.

Niranjan Bangera

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